Stay sane and supported

Chatting on the phone with a parent who “gets it” for just 15 minutes, can save you 45 minutes of searching

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You are not alone.

Dozens of parents nearby you get what you’re going through and are happy to swap stories and perspectives.

How does Minnit work?

  1. You ask a question.

    How can I get my baby to stop crying?
  2. We text you a time to talk to a vetted parent.

  3. You talk to an experienced parent and stay sane.

You raise a kid who wins a bunch of awards later in life, and then buys you a fancy home.


Q: Why should I use this?

A: Sometimes googling for hours only leaves you anxious and frustrated. We think it takes a village to support parents and getting live support from your parent peers is invaluable.

Q: How do you connect us?

A: Minnit calls you both and connects you magically without revealing your numbers.

Q: How do you make money then?

A: We don’t right now. We believe in building rich communities and want to make sure people value the time of others.

Q: What does it cost?

A: 15 minutes of time.

Q: Seriously? It costs nothing?

A: Yep! We are building a community of parents invested in supporting each other a few minutes at a time. It's free to use as long as everyone is committed to giving a bit of time. A question "costs" 15 minutes to ask, and earns the person answering 45 minutes of time. They can use that earned time to ask their own questions. Everyone starts off with 45 minutes in the bank.